Maintain, Don’t Gain

Holiday Tips November

Healthy Holiday Tips from Registered Dietitians By Carly Hagemann, Recruitment Coordinator Staying healthy during the holiday season can be difficult. Throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas there are often tempting sugar-filled desserts, snacks, and comfy couches to lay on that we typically choose over healthier options. To help combat this phenomenon, we reached out to Registered Dietitians

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Meet our RDs | Payal Mody

Payal Mody (3)

A Dedicated Dietitian By Heidi Williams, Recruiter In the world of consulting dietitians, and particularly at Dietitians on Demand, eight assignments and one permanent placement is something to brag about. Payal Mody is efficient, reliable and self-directed, and we are proud to share her success during two years with the company. “DOD has always been there for

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