Dietetic Interns, This Post is For You

Maximize that internship experience By Janelle Gomez, RD Dietetic Internships are designed to provide nutrition students with the skills necessary to function as entry level registered dietitians and to compete effectively in the rapidly changing job market. Most students are more than ready to get the process underway so they can begin to earn an

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8 Ways to Cozy Up with a Cup of Tea

Hot tea month

By Heidi Williams, Recruiter The highest temperature across the whole country right now is 64 degrees, and that’s only at the southern-most tip of Florida. If you’re like most of the country experiencing the arctic chill that blasted through this weekend, we’re here with some news to warm you up: January is National Hot Tea Month! Besides

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Revive your resolution advice with these tips

It’s official, 2016 is behind us and with the wave of New Year’s resolutions on the horizon it’s best to be armed with go-to lines to address the season’s top concerns. If you’re looking for a new way to tell clients or patients that “improving your health and wellness takes time,” we rounded up advice

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