Lisa P., RD

I love the flexibility working with Dietitians on Demand allows me in where I work and how long I work there. My husband and I like to travel and get bored being in one place too long. DOD posts new positions nearly everyday nationwide with varying time requirements. This gives us the freedom to explore the country and move around as frequently as we like.

What’s your favorite part about being a traveling RD: When you travel, things are always changing. Things around you are always new and exciting making life feel like a constant vacation! Each place you move to, you get to live like a local versus speed through like a tourist. You never get into a rut or too much of a routine. Every job teaches you something new making you a stronger employee and dietitian for the years to come. Plus, you make so many new friends and get to work with so many more wonderful people than you would staying in the same job for years at a time.

Connect with Lisa on social media: instagram: twopeepsandabird (Two Peeps and a Bird)

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