I tried Hello Fresh, should you?

By Heidi Williams, Recruiter

New year, new resolution. Any goal related to food may have you considering a meal kit delivery service. It’s definitely worth ordering if you’re aiming to try more unique food, eat a colorful diet, cook at home or save time with meal planning.

Over the past month I tested out HelloFresh, a service which bills itself as delivering “delicious and healthy recipes with all the pre-measured ingredients to your door each week.” And it did exactly that.

Three perfectly-portioned meals for two arrived weekly on my doorstep in a large box. Each recipe’s ingredients came in its own box with a corresponding recipe card. The cards were easy to follow, and the instructions were arranged for flawless time management while cooking. You don’t have to be too handy in the kitchen to be successful with these recipes, just make sure to set aside time. Each one took about 45 minutes total, and you do all the chopping/mincing/grating yourself.


All the ingredients to complete Spiced Swedish Meatballs are inside the box, plus the meat (knife not included). You can see the directions are thorough.


All ingredients are measured perfectly for this meal. Nothing extra!

Now, on to the food itself — it is actually fresh, and also high quality, flavorful and fun to eat. Having single-use portions of ingredients like purple cabbage for a slaw was handy. I could try it but not be left wondering with to do with the rest before it expires.

Nutritionally, the meals are incredibly balanced. Each includes a lean protein, a mix of complex carbs like butternut squash and simple carbs like the egg noodles, plus a cruciferous veggie like broccoli or spinach. The overall nutritional value of each meal is included on the outside of the big box. I was surprised to see in one week the meals ranged from 350 to 850 calories (fish + butternut squash and chicken schnitzel sandwich).


This is the complete nutrition profile for all three of the recipes inside this box.

A fellow recruiter asked if the box included “enough food,” specifically for a hungry husband. Honestly, it’s close. There was juuuust enough food in that box for two people. The meals are satisfying, but for the amount of time you put into preparing the meal, it’s a disappointment there aren’t often leftovers.

HelloFresh is an easy way to spice up your weeknight cooking routine and answer the daily question of “what’s for dinner?” And even if you decide to end the deliveries after a few weeks, you’ll be left inspired to cook and try new recipes long after the boxes stop arriving.


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