Meet our RDs | Kristen Quann

Kristen Quann, Registered Dietitian

Like a lot of Registered Dietitians, Kristen’s passion for dietetics grew out of a personal curiosity to learn more about nutrition and wellness.

“I was intrigued by food’s use as medicine, and how food can exacerbate or help relieve an illness,” Kristen said.

Unlike a lot of RDs, though, Kristen picked up her life in Connecticut and relocated 2,538 miles to take a three-month contract assignment in the Arizona desert.

In March 2015 Kristen started her partnership with Dietitians on Demand, working a short-term, acute care assignment in Bridgeport, CT to supplement her private practice hours. Six weeks later, as that position wrapped up, Kristen applied and interviewed via Skype for a position at an eating disorder clinic in Arizona, and she landed it! A week later she was driving out to Arizona to work with eating disorder patients, a population she hadn’t previously considered.

The three-month position extended into four months, then five, and Kristen is still going strong.

“This experience has led to a great deal of personal growth and career satisfaction, and I could not be happier to have gotten this opportunity,” she said.

Because of her assignment at an eating disorder center, Kristen’s career path diverted. She is now studying to become a CEDRD (Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian) and her entire career trajectory has changed.

Dietitians on Demand is proud to work with great dietitians like Kristen. We love hearing how our positions influence their careers and lives and are equally satisfied when a candidate and a position are such a great match.

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