How a contract job turned into a career of consulting

Emily Wetzel in office

By Heidi Williams, Recruiter To say you can count on Emily is an understatement. Emily is an acute care registered dietitian in Chicago with three years’ experience, and while some may say she’s still “new to her career,” her reputation begs to differ. “Emily is very well versed in the Nutrition Care Process and is

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A Dietitian’s Advice Never Goes Out of Style

Fresh raw food ingredients for Paleo diet

National Nutrition Month is a Reminder That Fad Diets Fade By Emily Wetzel, RD Every year, March rolls around and dietitians get busy planning and promoting new ways to involve the community in eating healthy. In recent years healthy food trends have been on the rise. I am sure you have seen a few of them

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The Right Recipe for a Career in Dietetics

basic tomato sauce, an Italian staple

Reflecting on 35 Years as a Registered Dietitian By Rose Ann, RD With National Nutrition Month upon us, I’m reminded of why I enjoy what I do. I grew up in an Italian household where I awoke on Sunday morning to tomato sauce bubbling on the stove and homemade pasta drying on the chairs. My

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