A CNM’s Take on A Nutrition Staffing Company

Smiling Clinical Nutrition Manager in Hospital

Acute and Long Term Care Consultant Dietitians Fill Gaps Raise your (virtual) hand if you work in health care and have been asked to do more, with less. We see this every day in the world of clinical nutrition staffing. With the ever-increasing focus on health, nutrition and overall wellness, Registered Dietitians and Clinical Nutrition

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Should You Be Using Telehealth In Your Nutrition Practice?

Four Things to Consider Before Implementing Telehealth Escalating costs of healthcare coupled with climbing obesity rates make telehealth the immediate, responsive and accessible alternative to traditional care desirable for patients and providers alike. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines telehealth as “the use of technology to deliver healthcare, health information or health education at

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Telehealth Reduces Friction for Dietitians, Patients

registered dietitian using telehealth

For the Registered Dietitian, Telehealth is a Godsend A nutrition consultation or follow-up over telephone or video is alluring because much of an RDs job doesn’t require fancy medical equipment; just the power of a brilliant RD with all the fixin’s he/she needs for a killer nutrition consultation: the diet history, an armful of strategic

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