The Team

dietitians on demand team photo, richmond va

Alicia Davis, R.D. Founder & CEO

alicia davis, founder and ceo of dietitians on demand, richmond va

 Alicia is a registered dietitian who completed her internship at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. With more than 15 years of experience as a RD, working in a variety  of clinical nutrition settings, her first-hand knowledge of a dietitian’s daily activity gives valuable insight for matching consultants with available positions.  Alicia oversees the recruiting  and onboarding processes for the company to ensure that all clients in need of coverage are matched with a highly-qualified nutrition professional.

Ryan Davis, President

ryan davis, president of dietitians on demand, richmond va

Ryan holds an MBA from Liberty University and has more than 15 years of sales and marketing experience. Throughout his career he has developed the ability to build strong client relationships and shown a proven track record of providing solutions to staffing challenges. Ryan oversees the daily operations of Dietitians on Demand. Under Ryan’s direction, Dietitians on Demand has grown from a small regional group of consultant dietitians to one of the largest nutrition consulting companies in the nation, employing more than 250 dietitians working in more than 40 states.

Raleigh Hobson, Director of Business Development

raleigh hobson, director of business development for dietitians on demand, richmond va

Raleigh’s passion for health, wellness, and nutrition led him to a career at Dietitians On Demand.  He has over 16 years of business development/relationship management experience and enjoys deepening relationships with existing clients while uncovering new opportunities to improve people’s lives through nutrition and healthy living.  Raleigh is a Richmond native and a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University.  He loves spending time outdoors with his family cycling, running, trail running, and rock climbing.  Also, he has been known to eat an entire container of hummus in one sitting.

Contact Raleigh at 800-545-1208 ext.711, or 

Kathleen Dracos, Director of Operations

kathleen dracos, director of operations for dietitians on demand, richmond va

Kathleen holds an MBA from the University of Richmond. Prior to joining Dietitians on Demand in late 2007, Kathleen worked at the Federal Reserve of Richmond. Over the last eight years, Kathleen has held various administrative and recruiting-related roles with Dietitians on Demand. Now, as the Director of Operations, Kathleen manages the working relationship between the company, the clients and the dietitians.

Contact Kathleen at 800-545-1208 ext. 704, or

Heidi Williams, Marketing & Communications Manager

heidi williams, marketing and communications manager for dietitians on demand, richmond va

Heidi started with Dietitians on Demand in July 2014. She worked as a Recruiter for almost three years before transitioning to a marketing role and now manages the company website, social media and other marketing efforts. She grew up in Iowa, graduated from the University of Iowa and moved to Richmond in 2014. Before coming to Dietitians on Demand, Heidi worked as a health science college recruiter and a newspaper copy editor, designer and reporter.

Heidi’s tip to job seekers is edit your resume for grammar and keep it concise (one or two pages).

Contact Heidi at 800-545-1208 ext. 706, or

Janella Temple, Recruiter

janella temple, recruiter for dietitians on demand in richmond, va

Janella has more than 20 years of experience in the Human Resources field. She attended Old Dominion University and obtained a master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. She also attained the certification of Professional in Human Resources (PHR®). She has extensive experience in recruiting, staffing and employee relations, benefits and compliance. Before joining us, she was the Director of Human Resources for a local school system.

Janella’s tip for applying to jobs is to diversify. She suggests to diversify the way you market yourself by not only using online job boards, but also use social network sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn. Also, try campus recruitment opportunities (recent grads), job fairs and networking events in your field to seek new job opportunities.

Contact Janella at 800-545-1208 ext. 705, or

Louise Pajaczkowski, Recruiter

Louise Pajaczkowski, recruiter for dietitians on demand in richmond, va

Louise grew up in the Richmond, Virginia area and attended the Southern Seminary Junior College and the University of Richmond. She came to Dietitians on Demand in June 2015 with several years of healthcare staffing experience. Before joining Dietitians on Demand she recruited for traveling clinicians and home health personnel.

Louise’s tip for applying to jobs is to familiarize yourself with the opportunity at hand and to follow directions when applying.

Contact Louise at 800-545-1208 ext. 707, or 

Candace Warren, Recruiter

candace warren, recruiter for dietitians on demand in richmond, va

Candace is the newest member to join our team and brings with her over 7 years of Management and Recruiting experience. As the Recruiting Manager for her previous company, Candace launched the social media recruiting and digital marketing platforms that totally revolutionized their staffing strategies. With a passion for identifying and hiring top talent, Candace specializes in attracting exactly the right person for exactly the right job – and that’s a passion she is excited to bring to Dietitians on Demand!

Her top advice to job seekers is to keep all communication lines open – respond to all emails, send thank you notes for interviews and follow up with your recruiter or hiring manager.  Clear, authentic, constant communications – that’s the key to getting hired!

Contact Candace at 800-545-1208 ext. 708, or

Michele Limoges, Sales Coordinator

michele limoges, sales coordinator for dietitians on demand in richmond va

Michele is from Huntington, New York and graduated from Siena College with a degree in finance. Prior to joining Dietitians on Demand in June 2015, Michele spent the last 16 years as a stay-at-home mom raising her two children. Michele previously worked as a Meeting and Incentive Program Planner in Chicago before moving to Richmond. She currently volunteers as the Treasurer for The Dominion Club Women’s Tennis Association. Michele provides support to the sales and business development division of Dietitians on Demand.

Contact Michele at 800-545-1208 ext. 711, or 

Carly McPherson, Recruitment Coordinator

carly mcpherson, recruitment coordinator for dietitians on demand in richmond, va

Carly is a graduate of Western Carolina University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.  She works directly with our dietitians during the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition. She started with us in June 2015 and jumped right in providing support for the recruiters who needed her help coordinating the high volume of pre-hire paperwork required at health care facilities.

Contact Carly at 800-545-1208 ext. 709, or

Michelle (Micki) Kazmierski, Corporate Accountant

michelle kazmierski, corporate accountant for dietitians on demand in richmond, va

Michelle is originally from Bay City, Michigan, where she lived and raised her two sons until 2014.  Shortly after graduating from Northwood University in Midland, MI, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Michelle moved to Sandston.  After working as an accountant for a sales and distribution office here in Virginia, Michelle joined Dietitians On Demand as our Corporate Accountant.

Contact Michelle at 800-545-1208 ext. 712, or