When Is It A Good Time to Use Temporary Dietitian Staffing?

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They say worrying is like a rocking chair: it keeps you busy, but it doesn’t get you anywhere. Instead of looking at the list below and worrying about what you’ll do for dietitian staffing when (not if) each scenario pops up, remember that temporary dietitian staffing can be your lifeline.

As a temporary staffing company for dietitians, the Dietitians on Demand office is used to fielding last-minute requests for dietitian coverage for any duration. Some lapses in coverage can be planned around, but some happen unexpectedly. If you find yourself in any of these situations, click here, request coverage and take a deep breath. Once a contract is signed, coverage arrives (on average) nine days later.

  1. When there’s a vacancy

If a FTE or part-time registered dietitian hands in a two-week’s notice, contact a dietitian staffing company immediately. Often Dietitians on Demand can find temporary coverage long before a site’s HR department finds a new employee. The earlier you contact a dietitian staffing company, the better chance there is for overlap before the current RDs last day. Sometimes it even works out that the temporary RD is a great fit for the permanent position, and both candidate and client get to test the relationship before committing.

  1. For an extended leave of absence (FMLA, maternity leave etc.)

It often doesn’t make sense to hire someone new to cover a vacancy this brief. Many of our Dietitians on Demand consultant dietitians are flexible and can work with an open-ended end date. This flexibility is especially helpful when the return date may be unknown, as in the case of FMLA. Plus, if there’s time to plan in advance, like in the case of maternity leave, overlap training can occur.

  1. For a vacation coverage

There’s nothing better than being able to actually relax on vacation, right? Rest assured that your patients and/or kitchen are covered by contacting Dietitians on Demand for temporary dietitian coverage during vacations ranging from a few days to a few weeks.

Now that you know about Dietitians on Demand and our temporary dietitian staffing options, bookmark this link and let us be your contingency plan when you’re down a dietitian.

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