Be Prepared For A Dietitian Staffing Emergency

Given the current climate in healthcare, a dietitian staffing emergency could develop quickly and happen at any time. The goods news is there are ways to be prepared so that the “emergency” feels less like an emergency. And the best news, they’re free!

1. Have A Plan In Place

Before you even mention the words “temp labor” to management, have the pieces in place to make that conversation a swift and efficient one. A contract may need to be signed if you use a temporary dietitian staffing company, like Dietitians On Demand, so ask if the Legal Department needs to review the contract. Will meetings need to be scheduled to determine if temporary dietitian staffing is your best solution? Should HR be involved? These are just a few questions that can delay coverage arriving, so ask them now, before an emergency situation strikes.

2. Sign A Contract Now

One of the easiest ways to speed up a coverage request is already having a contract in place. With Dietitians On Demand, there’s no up-front commitment when signing a contract, and most are self-renewing. Having this in place before a needs arises means a facility’s Legal Department has plenty of time to review the contract without holding up the hiring process.

3. Bookmark This Link

Whether or not a contract is in place, this is where all requests for temporary or permanent coverage should start here. At the very least, bookmark this link so you know exactly where to go when a dietitian staffing emergency arrives.

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