Kentucky Appointments

Meet Your Dietitian

Cayla Bousaba, RDN, LD 

Cayla specializes in prenatal and postpartum nutrition, gut health, weight management, disordered eating, and eating disorders.  She uses science-based education as well as mindful eating to help clients develop a healthy relationship with food and reach their health goals. She recognizes the confusion and fear caused by diet culture and creates a plan uniquely designed for each client that fits within a normal, realistic lifestyle. 

Step Two: Select Your Package


What Happens Next?

After you’ve selected your state and dietitian, you’re ready to get started! Here’s how the process works:

  • Book a package
  • Receive a confirmation email
  • Activate your account (there’s an app!)
  • Complete intake documents
  • Explore all the online portal offers (food diary, direct chat with your dietitian, activity log, just to name a few.)

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