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We provide dietitians with opportunities to advance their practice and elevate the profession. That’s our mission statement, and it drives every decision made at DOD headquarters. Whether you’re a dietitian yourself, or you’re looking for an amazing dietitian, you came to the right place.

Dietitian job board

It’s updated almost daily and is the easiest way to find a job with Dietitians On Demand. We highly recommend bookmarking the job board and checking back often. There’s also a general job posting you can apply to, so if you want to get your information into our system but don’t see a job for you, apply to this one and you’ll get email alerts for jobs near you.

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Custom staffing services

Let our team do the legwork of finding a great dietitian for a vacancy, maternity leave or extra role at your facility. Our team specializes in finding the right fit. Did you know, 94% of our clients say they would request the same dietitian from us again!

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Highly-rated continuing education

It’s no secret dietitians love our CPEUs, and we’re sharing new products all the time — including free infographics. Topics range from TPN to MDS cheat sheets, and don’t miss our bundled toolkits for the best bang for your buck.

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Virtual private practice

This is our newest program offering! We have a full roster of dietitians available to counsel patients nationwide (sorry, we aren’t hiring any more dietitians for this role at this time.) If you know a patient, friend or family who would benefit from meeting with a dietitian, send them our way!

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