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Dietitians On Demand 2018 Year End Awards – YEA!

The past year was full of milestones for Dietitians On Demand. We broke records, overcame tremendous hurdles and rode the waves of the staffing industry. Without a doubt, our employee dietitians are the lifeblood of our company. We get to know many of our employees really well, so to wrap up 2018, we’re going recognize those who stand out and who were crucial to the success of Dietitians On Demand this year!

Most Unforgettable Dietitian: Tiffone Powers-Parker, RD, LD

In addition to sharing colorful stories from her adventures on travel assignments, Tiffone is always keeping the Dietitians On Demand staff updated on her body building competition results, too. We’re all jealous that she has a real-deal trophy room. Thank you, Tiffone!

It Takes Two, The Best RD Duo: Emily Wetzel, RD, LD and Necia Knuchel, RD, LD


Emily and Necia have worked for Dietitians On Demand for four years. They’re great dietitians and great friends who are constantly sharing hours between Dietitians On Demand’s client sites in Chicago, IL. They’re a huge part of our success in the Midwest. Thank you, Emily and Necia!

Golden Suitcase Award: Bailie Kies, RD, LD

Bailie worked more than 1,200 hours on various travel assignments for Dietitians On Demand in 2018. Thank you, Bailie!

Up-for-Anything Award: Rose Ann Hudson, RD, LD

Rose Ann has worked for Dietitians On Demand for almost 10 year (hello, Ten Club!), in addition to working a full-time position. Rose Ann is literally up for anything and loves the challenge a new assignment brings. Thank you, Rose Ann!

Best All-Around RD: Samantha Decker, RD, LD

Samantha has proven to all the recruiters at Dietitians On Demand that she will effortlessly tackle any challenge.  She’s flexible and easy going, which makes a recruiter’s dream. Thank you, Samantha!

Most Valuable RD (MVRD): Anita Klimanis, RD, LD

Consultant dietitian Anita Klimanis, Dietitians On Demand

As Dietitians On Demand’s Regional Corporate Consultant, Anita worked nearly 2,000 hours this year. Thank you, Anita!

Client’s Pick, Best RD: Rebecca Kirian, RD, LD

Rebecca worked six assignments for Dietitians On Demand in 2018 and every client loved her from the first day she arrived. Many asked if they could keep her, but lucky for us, she hasn’t accepted a position, yet. Thank you, Rebecca!

Rock Star Rookie Award: Katharine Tebbetts, RDN, LDN

Katharine’s enthusiasm for Dietitians On Demand and working as a travel dietitian is contagious. The office is abuzz following her adventures on Instagram, and you should follow her, too! Katharine came to Dietitians On Demand right out of her internship and has impressed the DOD recruiters and clients at every site. Thank you, Katharine!

Most Special Specialist RD: Sara Glanz, MS, RD, LD, CNSC

As a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician, Sara is an expert at arriving at a facility, assessing the situation and then using her skills to breathe life into every facility she touches. Sara is such a special dietitian that in October she became a Dietitians On Demand corporate employee. Thank you, Sara!

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