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Dietitians On Demand 2020 Year End Awards – YEA!

2020 YEA Awards_Dietitians On Demand

We know 2020 has been a wild year, so we wanted to take a moment to thank the wonderful dietitians we have been privileged to work with throughout the year. For the third consecutive year, we’re honored to highlight a selection of the dietitians who do a rockin’ job representing Dietitians On Demand.

In 2020 we hired more than 280 dietitians to work more than 475 different positions. Our consultant dietitians worked more than 95,000 hours. We also found out that 93 percent of our clients would request the same dietitian from us again and 94 percent of our employee dietitians would recommend Dietitians On Demand to a friend or colleague.

As a dietitian staffing company that knows dietitians are super heroes, we are thrilled to be able to again provide dietitians with so many unique, flexible and rewarding opportunities to advance their practice and elevate the profession. Here are the 2020 award winners:

Most Unforgettable: Jeanna Janssen, RDN

Jeanna traveled with her dog to New York City in the height of COVID where she covered for multiple vacancies in one of the city’s surge hospitals. The facility said Jeanna was “the best RD we’ve sent yet.” She was flexible, easy to work with, hardworking, and always reliable. Thank you, Jeanna!

It takes Three, Best Dietitian Trio: Brooke Evans MS, RDN, Katie Donnelly, RD, LD, CDN, and Will Ecker, RD, LD/N

Brooke, Katie, and Will covered a complete overhaul of a facility’s clinical nutrition team in early 2020. They handled the clinical load, which had historically required five full-time dietitians…just the three of them. They determined who on the team had strengths in what clinical areas and divided up the hospital units based on this. They stayed on until the facility had hired all permanent employees, and ensured every patient had care during this eight month transition. Thank you, Brooke, Katie, and Will!

Golden Suitcase Award: Nonie Gandhi, MS, RD, LDN

Nonie is a stellar traveling dietitian. She is flexible and always up for an adventure. In 2019, we received so much wonderful feedback for Nonie that we nominated her for a national staffing award, and she won! Thank you, Nonie!

Up For Anything Award: Chimène Castor, EdD, RDN, CHES, FAND

Chimène has been with Dietitians On Demand since 2011. She always goes the extra mile, even working weekends and holidays to make sure the job is done. You can typically find Chimène in long-term care, but she has covered acute care and community roles as well. Chimène always finds a way to make sure her client’s needs are met. Thank you, Chimène!

Best All-Around Dietitian: Stephanie Allsup, RD, LD, MS, CHES

Stephanie is a very experienced dietitian. This year, she went into a situation that was in dire need of a dietitian and hit the ground running. She got them up to speed and was very enjoyable to work with. Stephanie is a self-starter and very organized. Thank you, Stephanie!

Most Valuable RD (MVRD): Melania Behrens, MBA, MD, RD, LD

Melania has worked nearly 1,600 hours this year alone with Dietitians On Demand. Wow. That means she maintained full-time hours for the majority of the year and during a pandemic, no less. We appreciate her dedication and admire her work ethic. Thank you, Melania!

Rock Star Rookie: Linda Timm, MA, RD, CDE, LDN

Linda has been an absolute dream to work with. She had not one, not two, but three unexpected changes in her assignments, and it never phased her. Talk about going with the flow. Linda is professional, flexible, and talented. Thank you, Linda!

Client’s Pick: Clara Luliana, RD, LDN

Clara has covered two sites that needed a hand, and she went in with an open mind and was willing to jump in wherever she was needed. After her first day, the on-site manager reached out to us to say how much they already loved her and wanted to keep her. It doesn’t get much better than that. Thank you, Clara!

Most Special Specialist: Courtney Lee, MS, RDN, CLT, CFCS

If you have listened to many of our on-demand webinars, you’ve likely heard Courtney’s voice at least a time or two. Courtney is one of our Subject Matter Experts, and we’re pretty sure she can talk about any topic with confidence. She helps us keep our learning library booming with content that dietitians love. Thank you, Courtney!

To these eleven dietitians and to all others who have listed Dietitians On Demand as their employer in 2020, with all our hearts, we thank you for choosing to work for Dietitians On Demand.

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