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Dietitians On Demand Ten Club honorees

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Recognizing 10 years of work for Dietitians On Demand

In 2018 we started a new tradition: The Dietitians On Demand Ten Club.

Every year, we welcome a select group of dietitians into the prestigious Ten Club. These Registered Dietitians have worked for Dietitians On Demand for 10 years! They’ve worked temporary jobs, accepted permanent jobs, traveled for a job, worked our jobs on the side of their permanent positions, and so much more. We’re thankful and in awe of these amazing dietitians and while we probably can’t begin to thank them enough, we’re going to try.

As a member of the Ten Club, these outstanding consultant dietitian’s names will be showcased on the honorees wall at DOD headquarters. This wall serves as a reminder to everyone in the office about why we do what we do. From day one we’ve been all about dietitians, and when we see these names we’re reminded why we love our dietitians. These amazing nutrition professionals are hard working, loyal, motivated, flexible, driven, experts in the field and most of all, a joy to work with. We cannot thank these wonderful Dietitians On Demand consultants enough!

2021 Ten Club inductees

This year, both inductees are very unique. Sherry and Suchitra have not only dedicated ten years to Dietitians On Demand, they have also shown incredible loyalty to their assignments, having spent several years working at a single site. As a result, their clients, patients, and residents have benefitted from high quality and continuity of care. For that, we salute them both.

Sherry Bowman, RD, LD

Sherry started working with Dietitians On Demand in July 2011. She has over 35 years of leadership in operations and clinical management. We thank Sherry for her dedication to our company and the dietetics field!

Suchitra Nathan, RD, CDE

Suchitra started working with Dietitians On Demand in April 2011. Her experience has been focused in the long-term care and rehab settings. Suchitra’s true passion lies in being an educator in her field, guiding and helping patients as they express their needs and lifestyle goals.

2020 Ten Club Inductees

Emma Sirotniak, RD

Emma may have only worked for Dietitians On Demand since 2010, but it’s also one of the longest-running assignments in DOD history. Since 2010 Emma has worked nearly every pay period. Thank you Emma, for your loyalty and consistency!

Irene Czapary, MS, RD

Irene has worked more than 20 assignments in 10 years, including being asked to return to many sites. Irene mostly worked in Virginia, but she she did take one travel assignment in Hawaii in 2013.

Susan Testa, MS, RDN, LDN

Since 2010 Susan has worked 11 consultant dietitian assignments for Dietitians On Demand in both long-term care and acute care. Susan is a versatile dietitian who picks up hours with us while working a full-time position as a clinical nutrition manager.

2019 Ten Club Inductees

Rose Ann Hudson, RD, LD

By 2019, Rose Ann Hudson had worked 51 different placements for Dietitians On Demand in her 10 years as a consultant dietitian. You read that right, 51! She made a name for herself in Maryland and consistently gets asked back to sites where she worked in the past. During National Nutrition Month  2017 we highlighted Rose Ann’s career.  When Rose Ann first started working as a consultant dietitian for Dietitians On Demand in 2009, there were no Regional Account Managers, no continuing education webinars and no online job board.

Chimene Castor, EdD, RDN, LDN, CHES, FAND

Chimene has a storied dietetics career and all along the way she supplemented her ever-changing duties with consulting assignments. Chimene’s interest in educating her patients turned into a passion to educate the next generation of dietitians. While pursuing her dreams, Chimene worked in long-term care, acute care and community settings as a consultant dietitian. Chimene is also located in the Maryland area and has worked 41 different assignments for Dietitians On Demand. We can’t help it, clients in Maryland love our dietitians!

Fritha Dinwiddie, MS, RDN, CSG, LD

When it comes to traveling dietitian gigs, Fritha is the original. As of 2019, she had worked nine assignments for Dietitians On Demand in seven different states: South Carolina, Florida, North Dakota, California, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. Fritha has been a registered dietitian for more than 30 years and last year shared some amazing advice for dietetics interns and new dietitians. If there’s anyone who can share amazing travel stories, it’s Fritha.

2018 Ten Club Inductees

Kevin Tomlinson, RD

Kevin started with Dietitians On Demand as a full-time contract pediatric dietitian in 2008 and still work in pediatrics. Taking a full-time contract in Virginia with Dietitians On Demand represented his first big move with this wife, from San Diego to his home state of Virginia. “I love the flexibility, friendly and attentive staff and varied opportunities. I’ve been able to take full-time contracts when needed and also take on just a few hours per week, like my current situation,” Kevin said.

Cheryl Frazier-Trusty, MS, RD, LD

Cheryl has been with Dietitians On Demand almost as long as she’s been a dietitian. “Dietitians On Demand has always been an industry leader in staffing, especially in the community of dietetics,” Cheryl said. “I love the atmosphere of professionalism and attentiveness to both the needs of the client and the RD. I look forward to continuing my professional career with Dietitians On Demand as they continue to be pioneers in dietetic staffing.”

Jody Long, RD, LD

Jody had six different placements with Dietitians On Demand over the year, including one lasting from 2014-2019. She said what she loves about Dietitians On Demand is that it’s “family owned — you guys ‘get it’ when it comes to sensitivity to family needs and whatnot of your Dietitians. You guys are the right blend of professional savvy/know how and FUN.”

Marilyn Trownsell, RD, LD

Marilyn has worked on and off for Dietitians On Demand since 2008 in 12 assignments. She said, “I think Ryan and Alicia [company CEO and Founder, respectively] had an ingenious idea. People in the dietitian business need coverage and often have to find it for themselves. They saw that need and filled it.”

Miranda Cerovski, MS, RD, LD

Miranda has worked six different assignments for Dietitians On Demand since 2008, and she lives right here in our hometown of Richmond, VA. She’s been able to work PRN dietitian positions with Dietitians On Demand for a little extra income in addition to her regular position.

“I like the flexibility of working for Dietitian on Demand; it works well with my schedule,” Miranda said.

Shannon Williamson, RD, LD

Shannon has worked 12 consultant dietitian assignments throughout Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina since starting with Dietitians On Demand in 2008.

“I have taken assignments in places where I would never have had the opportunity to experience or any knowledge of otherwise. I have met many other wonderful Registered Dietitians and staff through my assignments and consulting experience with Dietitians On Demand,” Shannon said.

Jean Harnisch, RDN, LD

Jean worked three assignments for Dietitians On Demand and was eventually hired on permanently by the last site where she worked.

Ann Margaret Kane-Ferguson, MPA, RD, LDN

Ann Margaret has worked more than 16 consultant dietitian positions with Dietitians On Demand and remains a regular contract employee. Ann Margaret said what she loves about Dietitians On Demand is that what started as a “small contract company has grown but has stayed close and connected to their dietitians. And their ability to achieve consistent contract assignments for over 10 years regardless of the length of time of the contract is amazing.”

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