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Education resources for dietetic internship directors

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Are you looking for new educational resources for your dietetic interns? Or for ways to enhance virtual or distance learning in place of canceled internship rotations?

Since 2018, Dietitians On Demand has provided practical, easy-to-understand learning opportunities to registered dietitians. We have an extensive library of on-demand education resources to supplement your interns’ educational experience. So, why should you choose Dietitians On Demand’s educational resources for your internship program?

Variety, variety, variety. We know everyone has a different learning style. Some like to read, while others like to listen, and still others are visual learners. And we all can reinforce our newfound knowledge by putting it into practice. That’s why we offer lots of different ways to learn with webinars, case studies, infographics, and more. Just finished the “TPN 101” webinar? Now check out our free infographic to practice customizing electrolytes, then apply your knowledge with our “Writing Custom Orders” TPN practice case study.

Practical resources for every student. Our resources are designed by practicing dietitians. As a result, our programs are focused on providing knowledge that is easy to understand and apply. This approach is ideal for interns, who are just beginning to put their knowledge into action.

“Thank you so much for giving us access to the LTC toolkit! The case study was incredibly relevant and provided a lot of useful information to aspiring RDNs. I found the handout on when to use therapeutic diets especially helpful. I really like how concise the handout is and will definitely keep this tool for future use.” -Shannon, dietetic intern

New topics every week. Our resource library is booming. With new topics and resources added every week, you can feel confident that we have resources for every subject area. Dietitians On Demand’s resources can help interns prepare for rotations, serve as supplemental materials, or even offer information on a specialty area of dietetics (think: NICU, sports nutrition, or oncology).

Learn from experts. When using Dietitians On Demand’s learning opportunities, your interns can learn about diabetes medications from a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, critical care nutrition from a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician, and sports nutrition supplements from a professional sports dietitian. We bring the top experts to your internship program. As a CDR Accredited Provider of Continuing Professional Education, Dietitians On Demand has met the highest standards to provide learning opportunities to nutrition professionals.

Easy and affordable. We make learning easy. Our on-demand resource library is easy to navigate and well-organized. Once you have made your selections, you’ll receive the materials delivered immediately, right to your inbox. You can download and print written materials for your interns or share the link with them to access the content digitally. Internship directors also receive special pricing to expand access to our educational content. Sign up for our newsletter to receive discount codes you can use right away.

Top-tier internship programs across the country are already using Dietitians On Demand’s educational resources to help prepare their interns for success. What are you waiting for?

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