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Exploring holistic lifestyle nutrition

Holistic lifestyle nutrition

Holistic nutrition professionals focus more on the overall wellness of their clients. This can include physical, mental and spiritual wellness. As dietitians, we know about the many benefits of good nutrition, including support for healthy muscles and bone, immunity support, a lowered risk of chronic disease, and the critical role nutrition plays during pregnancy. In this article we’ll cover holistic lifestyle nutrition and how to incorporate a more balanced approach to your nutrition counseling.

What is holistic nutrition? 

Holistic nutrition factors into a person’s overall health, encompassing three main areas: body, mind and spirit. It is a lifestyle approach that is based on sound nutrition principles and scientific knowledge of how the body functions best. Holistic nutrition professionals are committed to promoting active lifestyles by emphasizing exercise and movement in many different forms. Healthy eating is also stressed and often taught in a specific way that promotes unrefined, unprocessed, organic and locally grown whole foods. Optimal health is the core focus above all else.   

How to Become a Holistic Nutrition Professional 

Because of the complexity of the philosophy of holistic nutrition, many people will seek help establishing a sustainable plan and navigating different aspects of the guidelines as they come up. The most common holistic health professional is a holistic nutrition coach.

A holistic nutrition coach is a trained professional who earns a post-graduate degree and then goes on to obtain certification to practice. Holistic nutrition coaches provide non-biased nutrition information to the public in a variety of different practice settings.   

A holistic nutrition health coach is not always a registered dietitian, but a registered dietitian may wish to specialize in holistic nutrition. Dietitians may choose to obtain their certificate of training to develop their knowledge in integrative and functional nutrition. Many holistic nutrition professionals are certified by the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board (HCNB).  

Holistic nutrition coaches and professionals can be found in several practice settings, including:  

  • Hospitals 
  • Government agencies 
  • Outpatient healthcare centers  
  • Nursing home facilities  
  • Gyms or fitness centers 

They may also be self-employed and/or have their own private practice. No matter the practice setting, holistic nutrition coaches typically offer diet evaluation, education on healthy eating, techniques for managing stress, meal planning and introduction to an appropriate exercise plan. A holistic nutrition practitioner does not diagnose or treat illnesses, make unproven health claims, or use unproven assessment tools or therapies. They aim to assist clients in meeting their health goals by recommending the right things for a client’s whole body.  

Holistic healthy habits 

Holistic nutrition professionals take an all-encompassing approach to achieving health and wellness. They encourage their clients to develop lifelong healthy habits. Nutrition recommendations are rooted in research and include: 

  • Eating whole foods without refined sugars or preservatives 
  • Choosing plant-based meals over meat 
  • Focusing on a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated fats 
  • Maintaining a well hydrated body 
  • Limiting or eliminate alcohol  

Other aspects of healthy holistic habits outside of diet, include: 

  • Getting adequate sleep; at least 8 hours or more per night 
  • Moving your body daily  
  • Lifting weights or using your body weight to build strength
  • De-stressing your life  
  • Maintaining healthy relationships 
  • Having a positive outlook 
  • Decreasing screen time

If you’d like to broaden your view on health and wellness, continue to educate yourself on what holistic nutrition coaches can offer. Even without an official certification, dietitians can incorporate the principles of mind, body and spiritual wellness into their daily practice. 

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Sarah Hammaker, RDN is a clinical dietitian working primarily in long term care and acute rehabilitation hospital settings in PA. She holds certificates of training in the areas of Adult Weight Management as well as Integrative and Functional Nutrition. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and their four children. She loves running and being outdoors. Her hobbies include reading, planting and shopping.

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