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Do you have dietitians available in my area?

We staff registered dietitians across the country. We’ve placed dietitians in 47 states and have established a network of dietitians nationwide who want to work for us. Plus, we have many travel dietitians available to travel to your site in case no local candidates are available.

How long will it take to get a candidate started at my site?

Our average number of days to fill a position is seven, however this varies greatly based on location, assignment details and Human Resources screening requirements.

How does pricing work?

Our rates vary based on several different factors, including location, duration, hours per week and more. Our dietitians are covered under our liability insurance and we handle all payroll administration.

How do you select and screen your dietitians?

Our dietitians go through in-depth screenings before they arrive onsite, this includes an interview, a clinical assessment and reference checks. This ensures that not only is the dietitian awesome, but keeps the process fast, too.

How do I apply or get involved with Dietitians On Demand?

When you see a position in which you’re interested, simply submit a resume! A Regional Account Manager will be in touch with you. Once you’re placed in a position, you’ll officially join the team.

Do I have to pay a fee to work for Dietitians On Demand?

Fees are never charged to our employees or candidates. As a staffing company, we specialize in matching dietitians from our database to clients who request our services.

It's free to join our database and work with our team of Regional Account Managers. Note that we are not headhunters.

How soon will I be expected to start working an assignment?

You will notice that most of our positions list the start date as "ASAP" - this means that you will be expected to start the assignment as soon as prescreening and onboarding have been completed.

The start date can range from a few days from now, to a couple weeks from now, it all depends on the urgency and the facility's onboarding requirements.

Will I be employed by Dietitians On Demand or by the site I'm working at?

We hire you on as an employee of Dietitians On Demand for the duration of your assignment.

Can I work as a 1099 independent contractor for Dietitians On Demand?

Generally, no. We only hire W2 employees.

Will I be expected to have state licensure?

If licensure is required in the state you'll be working, yes! If you're new to the licensure process, be sure to look into the details for your state before applying. Every state is different, and some processes can take weeks for processing. If you have questions, our team of Regional Account Managers can assist.

Check here for current state licensure regulations:

Are all your dietitian jobs travel jobs?

No, we offer a mix of both local and travel positions and most of our consultant dietitians work near their home. Travel dietitians can travel regionally or nationally and they temporarily relocate to work.

How can I tell if a position is local or travel?

Travel positions will note in the online job description if any travel expenses are covered. You can also search the career portal for the keyword: travel.

If you’re interested in being notified about travel positions, complete this form:

How do I become a travel dietitian?

You go through the same application process as you would for a local position. When you speak with the Regional Account Manager for the position, they’ll review any possible travel details, ie: housing, mileage, per diem, transportation.

Do you offer any remote or work-from-home positions?

You can search the keyword "remote" on our job board to find any remote opportunities. However, our positions almost always require a dietitian to work onsite at a hospital, long term care community or an outpatient setting.

What happens when my assignment ends?

While we can’t guarantee continuous employment through our company, we make every effort to find your next assignment when one wraps up.

Let your Regional Account Manager know if you'd prefer to keep working or take time off at the conclusion of your assignment.

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