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Introducing the new “Dietitians Only” podcast

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There are a lot of amazing nutrition podcasts out there, some even produced by dietitians. But how many of them are actually made exclusively for dietitians? Let us introduce you to Dietitians Only! The Dietitians Only podcast, produced by Dietitians On Demand, is the perfect balance of sass, science and sincerity. On the Dietitians Only podcast, our hosts zero in on the two topics we’re dedicated to: clinical nutrition and dietetic careers. Dietitians can expect approachable conversations about topics that impact their everyday lives.

What topics are discussed on the podcast?

Our podcast is dedicated to dietitians, so discuss the topics that dietitians care about. Our episodes focus on clinical nutrition learning opportunities as well as career development topics. Some of our most popular episodes to date have been “Getting familiar with gastroparesis,” “Mind the employment gap,” and “Negotiating salary – What’s in a number?”.

Meet the hosts of Dietitians Only

This podcast is 100 percent by dietitians and for dietitians, and it features two of our very favorite dietitians from DOD HQ. Our first host is Lyndel Schuster, MS, RD. Lyndel is the Director of Account Management at Dietitians On Demand. Over the years, she’s hired hundreds of dietitians. She’s also worked in several different areas within the dietetics field. So, Lyndel brings the career expertise to the table.

“I’m hoping we can become a valuable resource for dietitian-only content that is both informative and easy to digest. Sometimes just a quick review is all you need to get motivated to make a change!” Lyndel said.

Sara Glanz, MS, RD, LD, CNSC is our second podcast host. Sara is the Corporate Dietitian at Dietitians On Demand. Sara is our clinical expert, having worked in several different clinical roles throughout her career. For the Dietitians Only podcast, Sara will be diving into some less-familiar clinical topics to discuss what they are and how they impact our nutrition plan of care. Hopefully, our clinical-focused episodes will help dietitians feel more confident and prepared in unfamiliar situations.

Why a podcast?

Dietitians On Demand has been the go-to source for dietitians who want trustworthy information that is fun and easy to understand. The new Dietitians Only podcast is no exception. Our episodes are short enough for a morning commute or evening workout. And rather than listening to a dry lecture, we’ll give you practical tips laced with a few laughs.

Sometimes, you need some quick info when treating a patient with an unfamiliar condition. Or maybe you’re a single site dietitian and just need a second opinion on a tricky situation. Or perhaps you’re re-entering the job market after a break and are wondering what will give you a boost as you prepare to interview for your dream job. Whatever the case, we’re here to support you in your career.

Ready to listen? Dietitians Only can be found here or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Be sure to subscribe so you’ll be notified when we release new episodes.

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