40 Hours/week | ASAP for ~2 months
Eating Disorder Treatment Center including inpatient, residential and partial hospitalization 
Travel/mileage offered, pending location
1 year eating disorder experience required 

Preferred schedule: Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm
Clinical duties only

This is a unique opportunity for an experienced RD to provide specialized care in Dunwoody, GA – a charming suburb of Atlanta. 

Key Duties

  • Assess initial nutritional state, nutrition needs, identifies nutrient requirements according to age, disease, and individual needs
  • Assess adequacy and appropriateness of dietary intake including nutrient imbalance, avoidance or excessive intake of certain foods or food groups as a means of manipulating or controlling weight.
  • Evaluate use of compensatory behaviors including exercise, vomiting, colonic cleanses, diuretic use, laxative use, diet pill use, and/or insulin adjustments.
  • Develops patient-centered nutrition care plan based on nutritional assessment
  • Creates and implements individualized meal plan designed to meet identified nutritional needs
  • Assists in assessing appropriateness of physical activity including plan to implement and monitor if indicated.
  • Creates initial nutrition assessment (within 48 hours of admission), weekly nutrition follow-up assessments, and nutrition discharge assessment within timeframe specified in the Standard of Care-Nutrition.
  • Documents all patient-related care and encounters in the patient electronic record in a timely manner.
  • Provides group nutrition education as assigned
  • Provides active meal coaching and support for patients and families, including participating in and completing meals as appropriate and as assigned.
  • Provides individualized nutrition therapy to all assigned patients including:
  • Develops individualized nutrition care plan based on nutritional assessment.
  • Evaluates appropriateness of nutrition care plan and intervention.
  • Communicates nutrition care plan with the treatment team to ensure coordination of care.
  • Communicates individualized patient nutritional needs to culinary services using established procedures and protocols
  • Provides individualized nutrition counseling to both individual patients and their families/community of support.


Required Licenses/Certifications

  • Current Registered Dietitian credentialed by CDR
  • GA state dietitian license is required prior to starting position

If you’re looking for better work-life balance, consider consulting. Our team of recruiters expertly match dietitians to opportunities that best suit their abilities and schedule. Dietitians On Demand is a dietitian-focused staffing company with a national footprint. We understand dietitians are essential members of the healthcare team, and we pay you accordingly. This is a contracted temporary position where you’ll work for Dietitians On Demand at one of our client sites.

Perks of being a Dietitians On Demand employee include:

  • Premier pay rates and full benefits package
  • Free continuing education
  • Corporate liability insurance
  • W2 employment status
  • Work-life balance by choosing when and where you work
  • Nutrition Care Manual access
  • Opportunity to earn 401K and health insurance benefits based on employment duration

Candidates must successfully complete a thorough pre-hire screening process, including but not limited to: phone screen, background check, drug screen, reference and credential check, clinical competency assessment, and tuberculosis screening. Immunization titers and fingerprinting, as needed.

Interested? Apply online or contact Brittany at Brittany@dietitiansondemand.com 

If this position isn’t a good fit for you but may be for a colleague, refer them! You’ll qualify for a referral bonus: https://dietitiansondemand.com/referrals/ 

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