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Let’s hear it for the pies! A Thanksgiving tribute 

Thanksgiving Pies

Let’s face it: turkey gets all the glory on Thanksgiving. But we all know what we’re really looking forward to — that’s right, the pie. Pies have had my heart for years, ever since my very first job as a real-life dietitian. I worked in a small, regional hospital where everyone knew everyone. A nurse friend brought a pie to work one busy Friday, and as we sat in the break room savoring that delicious moment, we imagined how wonderful it would be to do this every Friday. And thus, Pie Day Friday was born.  

Pie Day Friday quickly gained traction, and we invited the whole hospital to participate. Soon, a sign-up sheet strategically placed at the nurses’ station was booked out for weeks, and we set about enjoying these homemade treats. Just when we thought Fridays couldn’t have been any better… 

It’s no exaggeration to say that, just like Thanksgiving, Pie Day Friday brought us together. It wasn’t unusual to see everyone from the hospital hierarchy sitting down together to eat a slice of pie on any given Friday afternoon — from housekeepers to hospitalists, nurses to nephrologists, social workers to surgeons. We were all in this together. The tradition carried us through as we moved from our original hospital to a newly built one. It was an event we all cherished because we shared a few moments of quiet camaraderie, all over a slice of homemade pie. This year, we could all use some coming together.   

Thanks to Pie Day Friday, our hospital team enjoyed an unbroken chain of weekly pies for over a year. In the process, we all shared our favorite recipes. So, if you are looking for a new pie to share with your friends and family this year, we have some legendary recipes for you. 

S’more pie 

Recipe by Back in the Day Bakery 

This pie is amazing. It’s as if summertime s’mores were reincarnated as a pie. Go ahead, get chocolate all over your face. We won’t judge.  

The great pumpkin pie 

Recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction 

This recipe includes all the traditional flavors (think cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg), but with a pinch of black pepper. Trust me, it sounds weird at first, but the pepper mixed into that luscious custard filling adds a little something extra you won’t necessarily notice, but your taste buds with appreciate. Another secret Sally shares for out-of-this world pumpkin-pie flavor: let the filling mix chill overnight in the fridge to allow the favors to deepen. These subtle tweaks elevate your pie from classic to unforgettable. 

Oreo pudding pie 

Recipe by Allrecipes® 

Doesn’t everyone love Oreos? The real Oreo pudding pie recipe is tucked away in my mother’s kitchen. But this recipe will get you there with a few minor tweaks. First of all, add chocolate chips and coarsely crushed Oreos to the pudding pie filling. Second, freeze the pie, rather than refrigerating it. You’re welcome. 

Chocolate walnut pie  

Recipe by The Spruce Eats 

Like every good Kentuckian, I know that the best pie is a Derby Pie®. Made famous (and patented by) Kern’s Kitchen, this pie is a special treat and will remind you of your favorite chocolate chip cookie. One bite, and you’ll imagine yourself racing across the finish line at Churchill Downs. All you need now is a garland of roses and a mint julep…or a cold glass of milk.  

Authentic key lime pie 

Recipe by King Arthur Flour 

One of the best Pie Day Friday pies was a homemade, authentic key lime pie made by one of our surgeons. (Well, his wife made it. But still.) It was as light as a feather but with a sharp zing that nearly puckered your lips. Despite my pleas, that recipe was never shared. To honor it, we’ve included a great alternative. 

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