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Everything You Need To Know About Our Webinars

Dietitians On Demand is now offering free live webinar events to all dietitians! Our 2022 live event schedule will be posted soon.

We love, love, love engaging with dietitians in our live webinar events, but also understand on-demand education may be a better fit for some. Each live webinar event is recorded and offered on-demand from our Elevate by Dietitians On Demand Shop. Below are some FAQs about our live webinars.

What do I need to put on the line asking for Provider Code?

This section on the CPEU certificate may be left blank. It is not required for you to include the provider code on the certificate, as long as the name of the organization is included.

Where are the Learning Needs Codes?

On our new continuing education programs (published on or after June 30, 2020), you’ll notice that there are no longer Learning Needs Codes listed. CDR has officially phased these out and is now exclusively using the Performance Indicators to characterize learning competencies. What does this mean for you? Performance Indicators listed on our CE programs will match with the ones you selected on your learning plan.

How do I cancel my live webinar registration?

All registrants receive an email confirmation after registering for a live webinar. At the bottom of the confirmation email, there is a link to cancel the registration (see screenshot below). This will also grant a refund, if applicable.

When do I receive my CE certificate after attending a live webinar? 

An email with a link to the CE certificate is sent out 24 hours after the webinar ends. Slides are also included in this email. Note that the certificate and slides are accessed via a link in the email; the files are too large to be sent as an attachment.

Will I receive a recording of the live webinar?

Yes! New for 2022, all dietitians who register for a live webinar event will receive access to the recording, whether or not you were able to attend the live presentation. Recordings are typically available within one week of the live presentation.

I registered for a live webinar, but I wasn’t able to attend. Can I still access the webinar?

Yes! All live webinar registrations include the webinar recording. Visit our Elevate by Dietitians On Demand Shop and click “Access My Content” in the top header bar. You’ll be prompted to login. On your dashboard, you’ll see the webinar. Recordings are typically available within one week of the live presentation.

I have a large group of dietitians who would like to watch a live webinar together. Is that possible?

Yes! Please contact us at to make arrangements for a group. Many groups will qualify for a discount.

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