Meet our RDs | Kate Beard

New grad, new opportunities

By Heidi Williams, Recruiter

Dietitians fresh out of internships have the foundation to be successful in clinical inpatient, outpatient, food service, community, marketing and many other nutrition-related positions. They can go any direction, but what if they don’t want to decide right away? Enter: Dietitians On Demand.

“The short term nature of DOD contracts allowed me to work in several different types of facilities, which has given me very valuable experience as a new grad,” said Kate Beard, a registered dietitian from Indiana. “I’ve been able to work in acute care, outpatient nutrition counseling, long term care and rehab during my time with Dietitians On Demand.”

Kate holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Ball State University and in 2013 received the program’s Outstanding Dietetics Senior Award. She continues to expand her knowledge of dietetics and is working on her Master of Arts in Nutrition and Dietetics.

“Nutrition is an exciting field because the research body keeps growing and showing new best practices,” Kate said.

Not only is she into the research and analysis side of nutrition, she’s in it for the patients, too.

“Being a part of the healthcare team and working with patients is rewarding, and a career as a dietitian offers a unique way to connect with patients because food is such an incredibly personal and cultural topic,” she said.

Kate completed assignments in acute care and long term care with Dietitians On Demand and received great reviews both times. Right now she’s working in Indiana, but Kate hopes to nab a travel assignment sometime, too.

“I would love being a traveling RD. Moving to a new city brings its own sense of excitement and discovery, and I love exploring the local history, art scene, and parks,” she said.