Meet our RDs | Payal Mody

A Dedicated Dietitian

By Heidi Williams, Recruiter

In the world of consulting dietitians, and particularly at Dietitians On Demand, eight assignments and one permanent placement is something to brag about. Payal Mody is efficient, reliable and self-directed, and we are proud to share her success during two years with the company.

“DOD has always been there for me when I have had breaks in between my full time jobs, whatever the circumstances may have been,” Payal said.

Since her first assignment in March 2013, she’s been a regular name among recruiters. Payal is a go-to consultant we’ve connected with personally and professionally, despite not meeting her in person. She’s flexible, easy to work with and her successful completion of six assignments in long term care and two in acute care are proof that again and again we can count on her. Plus, Payal’s passion for nutrition is unabashed.

“Food is a necessity and although it is an integral part of living, it is much more than that. To learn more about food science continuously and achieve the opportunity to contribute to an individual’s health and well-being is a goal I like to work toward each day,” she said.

And it’s not just folks in the office noticing Payal. Clients praise her on evaluations and often request her by name. Payal impressed one client so much they decided to offer her a permanent position as a Clinical Nutrition Manager, which she accepted!

Despite her full-time working status, Payal didn’t cut her ties to Dietitians On Demand. She keeps in touch with recruiters and continues to pick up part-time openings and extra hours at facilities in her area. We hope to have have her representing Dietitians On Demand for years to come!