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[Press Release] Virtual Nutrition Counseling Service open for business

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[RICHMOND, VA, June 22, 2022] – Dietitians On Demand, a Richmond, Virginia based provider of nutrition services to the healthcare industry, has launched a direct-to-consumer service allowing anyone who seeks nutrition care to book a meeting with a registered dietitian in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Since its inception, Dietitians On Demand has bridged the gap between registered dietitians and organizations in need of their services and has employed thousands of dietitians in hospitals and nursing care facilities nationwide. A dietitian’s work in the clinical setting contributes significantly to a patient’s overall health and well-being, but unfortunately, that impact fades once the patient is discharged.

Every day, thousands of Americans learn that they will be forced to contend with a difficult medical situation. In many cases, the struggle to overcome or learn to manage a new diagnosis can be positively impacted by good nutritional practices that are customized for the individual’s medical situation.

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Easy access to a registered dietitian can provide the knowledge, awareness, and confidence that a person needs to implement good nutrition practices, which when paired with good medical advice, can help the body heal.

Many individuals may seek out weight loss advice. Although Dietitians On Demand will certainly offer weight loss counseling, the company is diversifying itself by offering a type of counseling it calls “consumer clinical.”

“There are several companies talking about weight loss or offering a new method or secret for dropping that weight. But who is talking about the serious stuff?” said Ryan Davis, CEO of Dietitians On Demand. “When you face a new cancer diagnosis, your head is swimming; you’re overwhelmed, you’re about to go into a fight for your life. Often, that means receiving chemotherapy and other treatments that will stress your body. During this time, you desperately need the right fuel and nourishment for that fight. The food you eat is the fuel for your battle, and a registered dietitian is the only licensed medical professional to turn to for the right advice.”

On Dietitians On Demand’s virtual nutrition counseling platform, customers can select their state, pick a dietitian, book an appointment time, and pay for a consultation or package of sessions on their HIPAA-compliant site. Currently, Dietitians On Demand’s dietitians can offer advice and counseling for general health and wellness, diabetes, heart health, food allergies and intolerances, cancer, gastrointestinal health, kidney disease, and autoimmune conditions.

Dietitians On Demand is expanding access to a dietitian one state at a time.

“Dietitian licensure varies by state,” said Davis. “Since 2005, our agency has navigated these regulations to ensure we are compliant and provide high-quality dietitians to healthcare facilities nationwide. We’ve been impressed by the response from dietitians across the country who have come to respect our voice in the nutrition space.” Currently, Dietitians On Demand is available to consult with people in 29 states, with more states coming online each week.

“Our vision is to revolutionize the public’s access to registered dietitians. When discussing new opportunities for our company, we do so with our company vision and mission. We set out 17 years ago to give more dietitians the opportunity to advance their careers and elevate the dietetics profession. We hope to reach as many people as possible to provide quality and practical nutrition advice,” said Davis.

Dietitians On Demand’s new service is available for online bookings now. Questions regarding the service can be directed to the company by calling (804) 545-9162, emailing [email protected] , or visiting

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