NFPE Training for Dietitians

Become a Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam Pro

Dietitians On Demand is on a mission to provide registered dietitians nationwide with opportunities to advance their practice and elevate the profession.

The nutrition-focused physical exam (NFPE) is the best tool a dietitian can use when it comes to identifying, documenting and treating malnutrition. Since 2019, Dietitians On Demand has provided the industry’s most straight-forward and customizable NFPE Training available.

Program Design

Pre-Training Resources: Prepare for your NFPE training with pre-delivered educational resources focused on malnutrition diagnosis and reimbursement. Each participant will earn an extra 5 CE credits and can access learning materials before and after the training. Download a list of topics included in the pre-training resources.

Peer-to-Peer NFPE Training: View images of targeted areas of fat and muscle wasting followed by live demonstrations of how to assess specific NFPE spots on the body. Each attendee will practice NFPE assessment principles on a peer partner while our training team circulates and offers guidance.

Hands-On Patient Practice: Our team will accompany your dietitians to patient care units to practice applying NFPE assessment techniques with real patients. This key component will raise your dietitians’ level of confidence and competence as they see and feel fat and muscle wasting with their own hands. This is also a great opportunity for dietitians to collaborate and compare findings after each patient session, honing assessment techniques and standardizing care.

Post-Training Debriefing: This important post-training session is a chance to formulate a game plan for your facility to tackle malnutrition head on. Our expert training team is a practicing dietitian and can answer questions you have about documentation, reimbursement, and more. Previous clients have expressed gratitude for this guided discussion to improve their dietitians’ malnutrition-focused care.

Why Choose Dietitians On Demand for NFPE Training?

  • Convenience. Our NFPE trainings are booked on your schedule at your convenience. Our on-site training options last no longer than four hours to minimize disruptions during the workday.
  • Live instructor feedback from a practicing dietitian. Unlike competitors, our trainer still practices in an acute care setting and understands real-life struggles facing dietitians. Our NFPE training techniques are rooted in practicality. We teach you just what you need to know to deliver the best patient care possible.
  • Customizable. We have provided NFPE training to acute and long-term care facilities, WIC programs, internships, pediatric groups, and more. We can tailor the training to your dietitians’ unique needs, whether they are new to NFPE or just need a refresher.
  • Affordable. Reimbursement from just two malnutrition diagnoses is enough to pay for our NFPE training for 20 dietitians. The per-person and per-CE costs of our NFPE training is lower than our major competitor.


Our in-person NFPE trainings start at $4,500 and can accommodate up to 20 dietitian attendees. For a fully booked training, this breaks down to $225 per person. Depending on optional customized add-ons to an NFPE training, the price per CE credit hour is approximately $25 per CE credit per person. Quotes are customized for each unique request, so please submit the form on this page to receive your quote.

NFPE Training Request Form

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