Staffing Tips for Success | Dec 3 2014

How to set up your registered dietitian for success: A client’s guide

So you’ve hired your consultant registered dietitian and they’re set to begin next week. You’re probably ready to check this task off the list, but your work isn’t quite finished yet! Consider the questions below to make sure your consultant will be fully productive on day one:

1. Plan and communicate logistics either to your recruiter or directly to the dietitian

  • Where will the Registered Dietitian park? Will they need payment or a pass?
  • Do they have access to the EMR yet and if not what information do you need to obtain it.
  • Who will the RD ask for upon arrival?

2. Set up a “buddy system” to help with FAQs and general needs

  • Choose an employee at the facility to act as the contractor’s go-to for questions
  • Pair a contractor with another Registered Dietitian or someone in Food Service if this is an option

3. Create a list of concrete expectations for your new consultant

  • How many assessments will they need to do per day? Which units are they to cover?
  • Is there a certain way you’d like them to approach their work that tends to work for your facility?
  • During “downtime,” how can they contribute to the organization?

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4. Check with Human Resources and/or occupational health before the consultant begins

  • Do you have everything you need to ensure they will be able to begin work on their first day? For example, does your facility require titers or a two-step PPD?
  • Do they need to meet with a nurse for screening prior to stepping out onto the floor?

5. Give your consultant a tour of the facility right away

  • Introduce them to all relevant staff including nurses, doctors, and kitchen employees
  • Show them their workspace and break areas, as well as any other pertinent stations

Never hesitate to contact Dietitians On Demand if you have questions about the on-boarding process. It’s our priority to ensure both you and your dietitian have a smooth start!

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