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Interview tips for registered dietitians

At Dietitians On Demand we hire lots of dietitians each week. We’ve seen it all when it comes to interviews and now our seasoned Regional Account Managers (aka recruiters) are spilling their secrets for nailing your interview.

Phone interview tips for dietitians

Set up a quiet space.

This will help you and the recruiter make the best connection – literally! Ideally a private space like an office or secluded spot in a building is best to take a phone interview call. This also shows you take the position seriously. If you must be in a less-than private hospital stairwell or some other public setting, make sure to let the hiring manager know up front so they’re not thrown off by background noise.


As cheesy as it sounds, smiling while you talk on a phone interview changes the way your voice sounds. You’ll automatically sound more interesting and more interested in the position.

Prepare a cheat sheet.

We’re all about cheating when it makes you a better dietitian. Make some notes about the company you’re interviewing with, some of your accomplishments to talk about and your questions, and have them right in front of you during the interview. That’s a perk of being behind the phone!

In-person interview tips for dietitians

Arrive early, but not too early.

Hospitals, long-term care facilities, rehab hospitals and similar sites can be confusing when it comes to parking, main entrances and how to navigate to your interview location. Allow time to figure out this new setting.

If you find you have more than 10 minutes until your interview appointment, wait it out. The hubbub of hospital working may leave your interviewer prepping for you up to the final minutes before you arrive. Arriving to the appointment less than 10 minutes early shows you’re prompt, yet considerate.

Dress professionally – a suit or something similar.

Business dress is expected for an in-person interview. Even if the position allows the dietitian to wear scrubs, make sure to dress professionally for the interview. Wear minimal jewelry and keep large tattoos covered.

Virtual interview tips for dietitians

Prepare as seriously as if it’s an in-person interview.

This means iron your clothes, wear the top and bottom of the suit (ehem, not the pajama pants) and log in to the call a couple minutes early to make sure audio and visual technologies sync up.

Consider your surroundings.

Who or what is behind you? How is the lighting? You want to make sure you can be seen and heard clearly.

Interview tips for any situation

Have a copy of your resume handy.

Chances are you landed an interview because a recruiter already saw your awesome resume, but having a copy on hand shows you’re prepared and proud of your experience.

Be familiar with the position for which you’re interviewing.

Hiring managers and recruiters know you’re applying to a few positions, and that’s OK! But if you agree to an interview, know who you’re interviewing with and everything you can about the company and the position.

Keep email correspondence professional and concise.

Aim to start every email with a greeting (ie: Hi Amanda). The body of the email should include complete sentences and appropriate grammar. And always sign your email with your name and phone number.

Our recruiters see a lot of “Sent from iPhone” signatures and while they appreciate you responding on the go, we recommend updating that automatic signature.

Think before you speak.

If an interviewer stumps you, or you don’t have experience in an area you’re asked about, don’t panic. Think about related topics in which you do have experience, or express interest in learning something new. Avoid one-word answers and use definitive language – avoid space fillers such as like, um, stuff, things, you know.

After the interview

Write a thank you after the interview – email is fine

A short note thanking the recruiter for their time goes a very long way. Don’t miss this step.

Have your personal medical and health records organized.

Every clinical dietitian will need documentation of certain health requirements in order to work. These requirements vary by hospital/long-term care facilities/rehabilitation hospitals etc., but having the basics such as documentation of your most recent PPD, vaccination records and flu shot will help the pre-hire process go smoothly.

Have a reference list handy.

Be prepared to offer your references right after an interview. A current reference sheet with correct contact information shows that you have plenty of people to vouch for your work. Your references should come to a recruiter as an attached document or contained in one email. Include phone number and email address of all your references.

A job interview interview for a position as a registered dietitian is different than other professional roles. Hopefully these tips will give you a leg up next time you’re interviewing for a new position.

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