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Telehealth is going to be a billion-dollar industry

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Here are 3 brilliant reasons why you should know about it

Did you know that telehealth is going to be a billion-dollar industry?

Believe it or not, this is a new escalating trend that’s quickly becoming as mainstream as pea protein powder. Let me give you three brilliant reasons why Telehealth is a renaissance move that is making a positive change in people’s lives for the better:

Brilliant reason #1) It’s all about you.

Your virtual doctor is an extremely brilliant but busy creature, but take away the time-bound pressures of a restless clinic and his eyes are laid 100 percent on you (through the virtual screen). A patient can have a private heart-to-heart conversation about his diabetes acting up within the privacy of his local clinic, just by showing up with his nurse to talk about his situation with the endocrinologist via Skype.

Brilliant reason #2) No money-sucking tragedies.

Punching in your credit card number because your car is eating up your gas, hotel expenses, babysitter fees just to set aside time for the 6-hour trip to the endocrinologist is a problem you never have to worry about with telehealth appointments. Life continues to move on for a patient, and they continue to receive support and care with a telehealth appointment, without having to drive 6-hours away from family, responsibilities, children and life in general.

Brilliant reason #3) Take care of urgent care needs in a jiffy.

Everyone catches the occasional flu bug, sinus infection or common cold and these are situations that can easily be swapped for a video visit rather than lamenting in the waiting area in the clinic for several hours. (You can only read so many tabloids, you know!) Not only this, follow-up exams that require ongoing monitoring where you need to see a specialized physician can be replaced with a quick face-to-face session with your physician virtually.

Medically speaking, telehealth isn’t a panacea. It’s not an elixir for traditional medical care; because human beings will still need the attention in an ER, physical examinations, biochemical tests, and all these are irreplaceable things. You can’t opt for a face-time visit with your doctor when you have a broken leg! There’s a time and place for telehealth appointments, but the benefits are inspiring.


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