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Are you looking for resources to help you transition from a dietetic intern to real-life dietitian? This comprehensive training program is designed exclusively for interns who are making the jump to start their careers.

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Introducing DOD Academy

DOD Academy is a fast-paced and engaging prep program that features tailored educational resources for the entry-level practitioner, an exclusive discount on Visual Veggies RD Practice Exam Software, and career tips. The educational sessions are taught by practicing dietitians and focus on practical advice to help you succeed in your clinical rotations. With video series and downloadable handouts, you’ll be prepared for anything.

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What's included:

Six weeks of educational resources

RD practice exam software discount

Exclusive career tips from dietitian recruiters

How it works

When you purchase access to DOD Academy, you’ll be enrolled in six weeks of tailored on-demand content designed to prepare you to enter the workforce as a confident dietitian. DOD Academy focuses on acute care, long-term care, nutrition support, pediatrics, and more. We’ll stay in regular communication with you to guide you along and share exclusive career tips from our team of recruiters. If you take a job with DOD, the purchase price of DOD Academy is refunded back to you!

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Benefits beyond enrollment


  • Broad network: Dietitians On Demand has a vast network of healthcare facilities, clinics, schools, and more, actively seeking qualified dietitians. With preferred access, you’ll have an extensive job market at your fingertips.
  • Tailored placements: Dietitians On Demand understands the unique strengths of DOD Academy graduates. They can match you with roles that align with your specific skills and aspirations, ensuring you’re set up for success.
  • Career guidance: Beyond job placement, Dietitians On Demand can also provide career advice, professional development opportunities, and mentorship to help you excel in your dietetic career.
  • Stay in the loop: Be the first to know about the latest job openings, trends in the dietetic field, and other relevant industry news. With this privileged access, you’re always one step ahead in your career.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to fast-track your dietetic career. Enroll in DOD Academy and be on the express track to securing the job of your dreams. It’s time to make your mark in the world of dietetics and embark on a fulfilling, rewarding career journey.

Enroll in DOD Academy

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