Meet Our Dietitians

Meet Our Dietitians

Ashley Morse, MS, RDN, CDN 

Ashley is a registered dietitian nutritionist based in Brooklyn and upstate New York. Ashley specializes in pediatrics, prenatal and postpartum nutrition, weight management, cystic fibrosis and general healthy eating. She is passionate about helping individuals and their families feel their best and reach their health goals through real food, behavior modifications and a positive attitude. In Ashley’s spare time she enjoys running, traveling, and spending time with her daughter.

Specialities: Fertility, prenatal, postpartum, pediatrics, healthy eating, tube feedings

Brooke Seibert, MS, RDN 

Brooke has been a registered dietitian nutritionist for the past 10 years and has experience in clinical, diabetes self-management education, and general outpatient education for adolescents and adults. She understands that making healthy choices runs so much deeper than just having “willpower” and treats every client using a Health at Every Size perspective. Her biggest passion is helping people break diet and weight cycling by releasing societal conditioning and guilt around their bodies and food. She guides people to learn to tap into the knowledge of their bodies with intuitive and mindful eating. Chronic diseases that she has more extensive experience with are: Diabetes, heart disease/CHF, hypertension, GI disorders, food allergies and intolerances and eating disorders/disordered eating. Outside of her profession, she resides near Vancouver, Washington, but you will often find her road tripping, meditating, journaling, cooking new dishes for friends, being present in nature, and spending time with her dog and two cats.

Specialities: Diabetes, cardiology, gastrointestinal, intuitive eating

Cayla Bousaba, RDN, LD 

Cayla specializes in prenatal and postpartum nutrition, gut health, weight management, disordered eating, and eating disorders.  She uses science-based education as well as mindful eating to help clients develop a healthy relationship with food and reach their health goals. She recognizes the confusion and fear caused by diet culture and creates a plan uniquely designed for each client that fits within a normal, realistic lifestyle.


Specialities: Eating disorders, gastrointestinal, prenatal, postpartum, weight management

Christina Harris, MS, RDN, LDN 

Christina is a registered dietitian with 5 years of professional experience. Her specialties include chronic disease prevention, diabetes, heart health, celiac disease, weight concerns, and general nutrition to help support healthy sustainable habits. Christina has a passion for helping others live their healthiest life and providing accountability. She offers a judgment-free environment to meet clients where they are at in their health journey and finds what works best for the client.

Specialities: Cardiology, diabetes, food allergies, health at every size, immune disorders

Emily Parker, RD/RDN 

Emily is a registered dietitian based in New Hampshire. Over the past few years, Emily has worked in clinical and wellness settings. She enjoys building positive relationships with her clients and providing them with a unique and realistic plan that meets their nutritional needs. She has experience working with a variety of individuals with cardiovascular disease, allergies/intolerances, GI disorders, diabetes, autoimmune disorders/diseases, sports performance, and weight management. Outside of nutrition, Emily is a former collegiate lacrosse player and continues to be passionate about exercise, whether running, hiking, or lifting. She also enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her kitten!

Specialities: Food allergies, gastrointestinal, immune disorders, sports nutrition, weight management

Israa Alia, MBA, RDN, LDN 

As a dietitian, Israa helps counsel individuals to set SMART goals that fit into their lifestyle. Israa strongly believes that dietary habits should not conflict with an individual’s lifestyle but rather help to enhance it. Israa has been working as a registered dietitian for four years. She has a Bachelor of Science in dietetics and a Master’s in Business Administration, focusing on healthcare. She gained substantial experience in inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care. As a result, Israa has a strong clinical background in nutrition-related diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, and oncology to name a few. 

Specialities: Bariatrics, cardiology, diabetes, kidney disease, metabolic disorders (PKU, CF, Tyrosinemia), oncology

Jayme Thomas, RD, LD, CYT 

Jayme is a registered dietitian based in Montrose, Colorado. She has worked in a variety of settings over the last 5 years including hospitals, cancer centers, outpatient clinics and summer camps. She is passionate about helping others improve their health through the power of food and reconnecting with the wisdom of one’s own body. She has experience working with individuals with cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. She enjoys working with both children and adults on general healthy eating, especially those interested in plant-based diets. Outside of dietetics, she is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and loves hiking, camping, and anything outdoors!

Specialities: Cardiology, gastrointestinal, health at every size, oncology

Jennifer Brindley, RDN, LDN 

Jennifer Brindley is a licensed registered dietitian who has her health testimonial of losing 85 lbs over 20 years ago!  Jennifer has a desire for helping others to achieve their fitness goals and is excited to be a part of the transformative journey! Jennifer has extensive experience in medical nutrition therapy working with clients who are interested in improving blood sugar control, cholesterol levels and blood pressure management as well as weight loss with reducing risks of metabolic syndrome.  Working with all ages and fitness levels to help improve their quality of life by taking a more simplified approach when it comes to making lifestyle changes with lasting results. Jennifer is available for nutrition consultations via telehealth in various states.

Specialities: Diabetes, geriatrics, hormone health, kidney disease, weight management

Jessie Carpenter, MA, MS, RD, LD 

Jessie Carpenter has enjoyed her career as a registered dietitian by assisting a broad range of people, helping them lead longer, healthier lives through sound nutritional practices for almost a decade. She received a BS in Health and Exercise Science at the University of Oklahoma and then obtained dual Masters degrees in Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences. She has been privileged to work in various settings, including military bases, level II trauma centers and diabetic and cardiac outpatient services. Jessie loves to share her expertise and experience to help others discover practical ways to eat well, feel healthy, prevent disease, reach goals and love life. 

Specialities: Cardiology, diabetes, sports nutrition, weight management

Linda Allen, RDN, LN, CDCES, CSOWM

Linda is dual certified as a specialist in diabetes care, education and obesity and weight management. As a registered dietitian nutritionist for over 35 years, she has extensive experience in pre-diabetes, diabetes management, chronic kidney disease, and many other areas of medical nutrition therapy. She can help you take complicated nutrition information and turn it into a simplified plan designed to meet your unique needs. She understands that years of ‘dieting’ can prevent some from living life to the fullest. Having experience in intuitive eating practices and eating disorders, she can help you have a healthy relationship with food. Linda has completed 14 full marathons, and understands the need to fuel for fitness and loves to help others reach their fitness goals. She will listen to what is important to you and help develop your unique plan. She will assist you in setting realistic goals and walk alongside you to help reach them.

Specialities: Cardiology, diabetes, eating disorders, kidney disease, sports nutrition, weight management

Liz Del Hoyo, MS, RDN 

Liz loves food and science! She works with clients to help build a positive relationship with food while finding their unique plan according to lifestyle, taste preferences and medical needs. She has more than 5 years of professional experience in various settings, including clinical and outpatient care. She has worked with clients with a variety of needs, such as cardiovascular health, diabetes, GI disorders and diseases that involve the nervous and muscular systems. She has also worked with different types of mental disorders, and adolescents and adults diagnosed with eating disorders. 

Specialities: Cardiology, diabetes, eating disorders, gastrointestinal, intuitive eating

Rebecca Baron, RD, CDN, CHWC

Rebecca is a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified health and wellness coach, and certified intuitive eating counselor with extensive experience counseling clients on anti-inflammatory nutrition and plant-based diets. She has experience working with patients who suffer from eating disorders, inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver and high blood pressure. Rebecca also helps clients who are struggling with their skin health, weight, and body image. Rebecca guides clients through behavior change by utilizing positive psychology and helps clients reconnect with the joy of eating.  

Specialities: Cardiology, diabetes, intuitive eating, plant-based nutrition

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