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If you’re looking for a virtual 1:1 appointment with the best registered dietitian around, you came to the right place. Dietitians On Demand is known for hiring experts who are kind, knowledgeable and efficient with your nutrition. They’ll answer your questions and guide you to sustainable solutions to your toughest nutrition challenges.

How we can help

Our registered dietitians specialize in creating nutrition-focused solutions to meet your unique needs. Our dietitians love to consult with patients about heart health, diabetes (pre-diabetes, Type 1, Type 2, gestational), kidney disease, cancer, weight management, GI disorders, food allergies/intolerances, pediatric nutrition, wound healing, home tube feeding, autoimmune disorders and so much more.

How It Works

After you’ve selected your state below, you’ll be directed to choose your counseling package. Here’s how the whole process works:

  • Select your state
  • Select your registered dietitian
  • Book a package
  • Receive a confirmation email
  • Activate your account (there’s an app!)
  • Complete intake documents
  • Contact your insurance company about potential reimbursement
  • Explore all the online portal offers (food diary, direct chat with your dietitian, activity log, just to name a few.)

Book Your Appointment

Because each state has different licensure laws, the first step is to select the state in which you currently reside using the dropdown below. This will show you the registered dietitians available to you. Click here to meet our dietitian team.

*If selecting a state is not the first option below, try clearing your browser’s cache.


If we aren’t available yet in your state, join our waitlist to be notified first when we are. Every state has different regulations and we are working hard to be available nationwide.

Insurance Information

Click here to learn more about insurance for nutrition counseling services.

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