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Dietitians On Demand’s nutrition-focused physical exam on-site training empowers dietitians

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NFPE road show is under way

July 17, 2019, Topton, PA – Post-event survey data from Dietitians On Demand’s first ever hands-on nutrition-focused physical exam (NFPE) training shows that dietitians who initially had a low comfort level and lack of training with the physical exam are “likely” or “very likely” to use the NFPE after completing the training.

“In my experience, dietitians are eager to learn more about NFPE,” said Dietitians On Demand Clinical Nutrition Director, Sara Glanz, MS, RD, LD, CNSC.  “It’s something they are expected to do in their day-to-day practice. During the training everyone was having fun, laughing and learning. I had a blast sharing tips with these awesome dietitians.”

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In mid-July, Glanz led a training session (see video) for 14 long-term care dietitians in Topton, Penn. The group of dietitians gathered for a regional meeting that included a half day of hands-on training NFPE training.

While some reported receiving informal training during their internship or attending a lecture, almost everyone said that lack of training and low comfort level in performing the NFPE were their biggest barriers to using the NFPE in their current practice.

“Four of the six criteria used to diagnose malnutrition relate to physical characteristics, and you have to have at least two criteria to get a malnutrition diagnosis. If you aren’t using NFPE on a regular basis, you’re likely under-diagnosing malnutrition and missing opportunities to provide better care to your patients,” Glanz said.

Dietitians On Demand’s on-site NFPE training is unlike any other training offered because it’s completely customizable. In addition to the hands-on NFPE practice, the presentation in Pennsylvania also included a review of PDPM’s impact on malnutrition. Other customizations include documentation basics, physician presentation, PDPM and malnutrition and comprehensive start-up training for a malnutrition program.

“No other NFPE training is this customizable,” Dietitians On Demand President, Ryan Davis, said. “We believe in making nutrition education accessible, affordable and practical.”

Early-bird pricing and flat-rate pricing make onsite NFPE training from Dietitians On Demand affordable for hospitals and long-term care facilities. Smaller sites can even partner with sister facilities for reduced cost-per-participant.

As an accredited CPEU provider by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, Dietitians On Demand’s nutrition-focused physical exam training is also approved for continuing education credits.

Malnutrition in hospitalized patients is one of the most challenging health problems facing our country and the world. And malnutrition in long-term care is increasingly gaining attention as RUGs moves out and PDPM moves in. A NFPE completed by a registered dietitian is the best course of action because dietitians are not only trained how to recognize malnourished patients, they are the only health care professionals who can treat it.

To request information or book an on-site NFPE training with Dietitians On Demand, email us at [email protected]

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