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Dietitians On Demand 2019 Year End Awards – YEA!

It’s been an exciting 2019 at DODHQ and that is hugely thanks to the wonderful dietitians we get to work with throughout the year. For the second consecutive year, we’re honored to highlight a selection of the dietitians who do a rockin’ job representing Dietitians On Demand.

In 2019 we hired more than 365 dietitians to work more than 600 different positions — that means we hired a different dietitian every single day this year. Our consultant dietitians worked more than 120,000 hours, we found out that 92 percent of our clients would request the same dietitian from us again and 100 percent of our employee dietitians would recommend Dietitians On Demand to a friend or colleague.

As a dietitian staffing company that knows dietitians are super heroes, we are thrilled to be able to again provide dietitians with so many unique, flexible and rewarding opportunities to advance their practice and elevate the profession. Here are the 2019 award winners:

Most Unforgettable: Sarah Rondinone, MS, RDN, CDN, LDN

In 2019, Sarah worked eight assignments with Dietitians On Demand. Our team loves placing her because she is so easy to work with, flexible and willing to help whenever she can. Most notably, she provided coverage at a large medical center in Connecticut during a management transition period. The facility lost their entire staff of dietitians, and Sarah singlehandedly managed the clinical load of 2.5 FTEs in the outpatient bariatric clinic while the new management company hired and trained new dietitians. Thank you, Sarah!

It takes Two, Best Dietitian Duo: Brooke Evans MS, RDN & Kahli Peachey, MA,RDN

Brooke and Kahli tag teamed coverage at three community hospitals in northern New York, providing both inpatient and outpatient care to the community. Thank you, Brooke and Kahli!

Golden Suitcase Award: Fritha Dinwiddie, RD, LD

Fritha was actually the first Dietitians On Demand travel dietitian back in 2009 and this year we’re honored to give her the Golden Suitcase Award. Fritha traveled a combined 804 miles on two assignments this year in addition to three other positions closer to her home in Georgia. Thank you, Fritha!

Up for Anything Award: Robert Ginn, MS, RDN, LDN

Bob has taken assignments in difficult areas of rural Georgia and Florida, sometimes providing his own lodging while on assignment. He has experience working in acute, LTC, bariatric and outpatient settings, and is open to positions in any clinical area. Thank you, Bob!

Best All-Around Dietitian: Matt Jones, RDN, LDN

Since April 2019, Matt has worked seven assignments for Dietitians On Demand. No matter the schedule requested, Matt makes it work. He is absolutely dependable and fits in seamlessly at any facility. Thank you, Matt!

Most Valuable RD (MVRD): William Ecker, RD

For every week in 2019 Will worked nearly 40 hours on an assignment for Dietitians On Demand. And who says you can’t make a career out of consulting? Thank you, Will!

Rock Star Rookie: Katie Mihelcic, RDN, LDN

Katie came to Dietitians On Demand right out of her internship and just rocked it. The staff at the facility liked her so much they offered her a permanent position. Even though she didn’t accept the position, it goes to show that starting your career as a consultant can lead to amazing opportunities. Thank you, Katie!

Client’s Pick: Nonie Gandhi, MS, RD, LDN

Praise for Nonie’s work is relentless, and we love it! As a traveling dietitian, Nonie embodies every aspect of what it takes to be a successful consultant. She is flexible, independent and a go-getter. We received so much wonderful feedback for Nonie that we nominated her for a national staffing award, and she won! Thank you, Nonie!

To these nine dietitians and to other other who have listed Dietitians On Demand as their employer in 2019, with all our hearts, we thank you for choosing to work for Dietitians On Demand.

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