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Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam on-site training offered from Dietitians On Demand

June 7, 2019, Richmond, VA — Dietitians On Demand’s expert dietetic staff expanded their services to offer on-site nutrition-focused physical exam training for registered dietitians working in hospitals and long-term care facilities nationwide.

Led by the company’s malnutrition champion, Corporate Dietitian Sara Glanz, MS, RD, LD, CNSC, these on-site trainings are tailored to a site’s specific malnutrition experience level and increase access to this important tool for nutrition professionals.

“As a dietitian, one of my most important roles is to be an advocate for my patients. When I uncover unintentional weight loss, a poor appetite, weakness, muscle loss, it’s my responsibility to act on that. Nutrition is more important than most people realize,” Glanz said.

Dietitians On Demand offers half-day training and full-day training experiences. All nutrition-focused physical exam (NFPE) trainings from Dietitians On Demand include an informative presentation and hands-on demonstrations in a classroom or conference setting presented by malnutrition/NFPE expert Corporate Dietitian Sara Glanz.

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Full-day on-site NFPE training additionally includes an immersion experience on patient floors assessing real patients for malnutrition with one-on-one guidance from the trainer.

Few other options are available for on-site NFPE training for nutrition professionals and most cost hundreds of dollars per person.

“Dietitians On Demand believes in making nutrition education accessible and affordable,” said company president Ryan Davis.

Studies show that dietitians are not completing the NFPE because they don’t have enough time or staff, and because they don’t feel comfortable completing it. Dietitians On Demand aims to address both challenges with these on-site NFPE trainings.

Early-bird pricing and flat-rate speaker fees make onsite NFPE training from Dietitians On Demand affordable for hospitals and long-term care facilities.

“Completing the NFPE can seem awkward at first because many dietitians aren’t used to touching patients,” Glanz said. “During this training, silly moments are sure to happen. We’ll embrace those, have a little fun and then leave completely comfortable completing the NFPE.”

Malnutrition in hospitalized patients is one of the most challenging health problems facing our country and the world. A NFPE completed by a registered dietitian is the best course of action because dietitians are not only trained how to recognize malnourished patients, they are the only health care professionals who can treat it.

Dietitians On Demand is an industry leader in nationwide clinical nutrition consulting services and an emerging leader in nutrition education. We believe registered dietitians are essential members of the health care community who contribute significantly to the health and well-being of the people they serve. Through job opportunities, continuing education and free practice resources we provide dietitians with opportunities to advance their practice and elevate the dietetics profession.

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