Oh Baby! Let Dietitians On Demand Cover Your Maternity Leave

By Sara Glanz, MS, RD, LD, CNSC

Baby season is a joyful time for all. While the mom-to-be is preparing for baby, the rest of the team has to prepare for her maternity leave. Let the new mom rest and enjoy her time with baby, knowing her patients and clients are well taken care of.

Why consider Dietitians On Demand for your next maternity leave?

Dietitian coverage, in a hurry. Even with months to prepare, it can seem like a maternity leave snuck up on you. Or, if baby decides to come early, before you’ve had a chance to secure dietitian coverage, give us a call! On average, we can fill a dietitian job in under seven days.

Ensure continuity of care. Let’s face it—with patchy dietitian coverage, quality of patient care suffers. We can change that narrative. With a consultant dietitian from Dietitians On Demand, you can guarantee continuity of care. This dietitian is dedicated to picking up where the mom-to-be left off, even attending meetings or working on quality improvement projects.

Stable, reliable coverage. If you are looking for a dietitian who is dedicated to your facility, we’ve got you covered. Our consultant dietitians can work full time, part time, or anywhere in-between.

Avoid burnout. Maternity leaves shouldn’t become a burden on the rest of the dietitian staff. If your dietitians will be stretched too thin without some additional help, why risk compromising patient care and burning out the rest of your staff. We’re here to help.

Choose from any specialty you need. Whether you are looking for a long-term care expert, someone who can own the ICU, a renal rockstar, pediatric champion, or bariatric boss, we can send you a dietitian you’ll love.

And if your new mom decides to stay home with baby forever? Your consultant dietitian can stay as long as you need…or even become a permanent member of your team!

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Sara Glanz, MS, RD, LD, CNSC worked as a traveling dietitian for Dietitians On Demand for two years before joining the team as the corporate dietitian. In this role, she has championed the continuing education program to empower dietitians everywhere to achieve their professional goals.

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