Happy Clients & Happy Dietitians

Toni U., RD

Acute Care Dietitian

New Castle , Pennsylvania

I absolutely love meeting new people and see different places! Not to mention, the pay is higher!

Courtney L., MS, RDN, CDN, CLT, CFCS

Registered Dietitian

Albany , New York

With Dietitians on Demand, you have the flexibility to try new work environments, meet so many people, and learn different ways of doing things with each position.

Kara C., RD

Registered Dietitian

Manassas, Virginia

My favorite thing about working for Dietitians On Demand is the flexibility of the hours, as well as the opportunity to grow as an RD in new settings. I also love meeting a variety of people through the different contracts – Dietitians On Demand has also brought me one of my greatest RD mentors!  

Michael G., MMS, PA-C, RDN, LDN

Long-Term Care Dietitian

Baltimore, Maryland

The flexibility is perfect for time between employment, or to supplement a part-time or full-time income. It has also been great meeting new people, making new connections, and learning new systems — overall working for Dietitians On Demand makes you a better practitioner.

Why did you pursue a career in dietetics: I have always enjoyed learning about nutrition on my free time, and thought it would be great if I could teach people about something they do every day of their lives.

Stephanie B., MMS, PA-C, RD, LDN

Long-Term Care Dietitian

Chicago, Illinois

My favorite thing about working as a consultant with DOD would be the flexibility the job offers and meeting so many different people.

Why did you pursue a career as a dietitian: I wanted a career that had a positive impact on the lives of others, incorporated wellness, and involved patient education. I love learning about different disease states and the nutritional interventions that are used in treating these conditions. I like that math and science support the recommendations I make as a dietitian. Additionally, I like the versatility of a dietitian being able to work in multiple settings.

Jessica F., MS, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian

Wesley Chapel, Florida

In the few months I have worked with DOD, I already love it! My favorite thing is how caring the DOD team is towards their consultants and clients. I appreciate the sincerity and easy communication from the recruiters I have worked with thus far. They strive to make sure their dietitians are happy in their placement and have work to the best of their ability.

What is your favorite advice to share with patients: Don’t let a slip become a fall! Sometimes all a patient really needs is someone to let them know it’s okay to mess up and encourage them to keep going. The important thing is you keep working towards your goal despite the moments of weakness.

Tracy B., RD

Acute and Long-Term Care Dietitian

Central Lake, Michigan

I love that [with DOD] I can choose where and when I work, that I can be flexible in my life. I have spent lots of years working in very stressful situations where I was not in control of my schedule or my life. I love that with DOD I have the opportunity to make my life and work what I want it to be. I also love being in a situation where I have to adapt quickly and think on my feet. Every situation is different and you have to be flexible, be a quick learner and up for a new challenge. I love a good challenge!

Why did you pursue a career in dietetics: I was always interested in healthcare, my grandmother was a nurse at University of Michigan Hospital when I was growing up and I loved her stories. I was sure I would become a nurse, but I realized that I did not want to physically take care of patients, my interest was in helping them become healthier. I loved teaching and empowering people and I had a passion for nutrition. I combined all those things and decided to become a Registered Dietitian.

Christina R., MS, RD, LDN

Travel Dietitian

Tulsa, Oklahoma

I love having FLEXIBILITY in my job … how awesome! I enjoy how helpful DOD is with finding a job you know you’ll enjoy AND feel comfortable accepting. The recruiters are familiar with who you are and are very personable both via email and over the phone. They want the best for you and try their hardest to make your consulting situation work, even if it’s just for a short amount of time! DOD is a professional company and are a huge advocate in providing high quality dietitians on the workforce.

Samantha D., RD, LD

Acute Care Travel Dietitian

South Bend, Indiana

While this is only my first assignment working with Dietitians On Demand, I have had nothing but a positive experience so far. Everyone at Dietitians On Demand is professional and genuine, and I look forward to continuing to work with them!

What do you love about being a travel dietitian: As someone who does not know where they want to live long term, working as a travel dietitian gives me a wonderful opportunity to live different places, experience various work environments, and network with other dedicated dietitians all across the country.

Davis M., MS, RDN, LDN

Clinical Nutrition Manager

Lanham, Maryland

Dietitians On Demand is always delightful, prompt, reliable, and kind. Thank you!

Amy C.

Food Service Director

Litchfield, Illinos

We had requested services from DOD to cover maternity leave. The maternity leave came earlier than expected and DOD was awesome to get us coverage in a hurry.

Don R.

Director of Dining

New Oxford, PA

Very pleased with Dietitians On Demand and would highly recommend them.

Mike M., CDM, CFPP

Director of Food and Nutrition Services

Redwood City, California

Thanks to DOD for gathering and assigning great dietitians to fill our gaps here.

Stephen M.

General Manager of Hospitality

Brookfield, Illinois

You have been a pleasure to work with! You really came through for me when I needed you the most! Your customer service and attention to detail was GREATLY appreciated.

James S.

General Manager

Hudson, New York

The dietitian we had has been wonderful and represents DOD extremely well.

Eef D.

Director of Food & Nutrition

Bakersfield, California

The dietitian from DOD had thorough knowledge of nutrition, a positive attitude and was highly professional.

Adam S.

Director of Food and Nutrition

Cortlandt Manor, New York

Kristina has done a great job here with us, and I know she had originally only been scheduled for a few weeks, but has stayed on until we can find a replacement (RD) to hire. I would recommend Kristina very highly.

Joe H.

Regional Director of Wellness and Clinical Nutrition

Clinton, South Carolina

Enjoy working with the DOD recruiters. They understand the needs of their customers!

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