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Dietitians On Demand 2023 Year End Awards – YEA!

Here at Dietitians On Demand, we love showcasing our awesome dietitians. For the sixth consecutive year, we’re honored to highlight a selection of the dietitians who do a rockin’ job representing Dietitians On Demand.

In 2023, our consultant dietitians worked more than 227,000 hours. We also found out that 97 percent of our clients would request the same dietitian from us again and 94 percent of our employee dietitians would recommend Dietitians On Demand to a friend or colleague.

As a dietitian staffing company that knows dietitians are superheroes, we are thrilled to be able to again provide dietitians with so many unique, flexible and rewarding opportunities to advance their practice and elevate the profession. Here are the 2023 award winners:

Most Unforgettable: Melanie VonFeldt, MS, RD, CSO, LDN

Melanie has made traveling with us a full-time, national gig. She has completed assignments across the US, working with most of our corporate team. Notably, in a recent contract in Rhode Island, she faced an unexpected challenge when the clinical manager resigned on her first day. Melanie stepped up to the plate, taking on both roles and excelling in her responsibilities. Her outstanding performance was so remarkable that the hospital reached out to inquire about her return later in the year.

It Takes Two, Best Dietitian Duo: Britta Heath, MS, RDN, LD and Abby Banna, MS, RDN, LD

This duo worked together at a site in South Carolina that was completely understaffed to the point they became the only dietitians there. Not only did they provide excellent patient care with little to no onsite guidance, but they both maintained complete professionalism and positive attitudes during their assignments.

Golden Suitcase Award: Jessica Beavers, RDN, LDN

Jessica is currently on her fifth travel contract with Dietitians On Demand, starting with us in May 2022. She has embraced the travel lifestyle, bouncing from DC-Maryland-Virginia area to Texas to the midwest and back to the northeast. She specializes in acute and critical care rehab, taking on leadership roles at some accounts, when it was needed.

Up For Anything Award: Cassie Tilley, MS, RD, LD

Cassie has been traveling for Dietitians On Demand full-time for over a year now. In that time, she has willingly accepted contracts in challenging and less desirable locations, both geographically and in terms of facility conditions. Her remarkable commitment is exemplified by her ability to excel under various conditions, such as driving across a mountain range in Pennsylvania on short notice for fingerprinting required for her clearance to start. Cassie’s unwavering dedication and adaptability make her a standout member of the traveling team.

Best All-Around Dietitian: Natalie Lloyd, MS, RDN

Natalie provided exceptional communication and consistency during a very difficult time in her personal life. She is kind, professional, and has a positive attitude. She is an incredible dietitian and human being, and we are so grateful to have worked with her!

Most Valuable RD (MVRD): Sofia Virani, RD

Sofia began the new year by starting her first assignment with Dietitians On Demand.  As a new RD, she settled in to a full-time, sixmonth clinical position and hit the ground running.  The client asked Sofia to extend for an additional 6 months and she gladly accepted. By the time 2023 comes to a close, Sofia will have worked a total of 2,040 hours!  

Rock Star Rookie: Danielle Rednick, RD, LD

Danielle took on traveling this year and hit the ground running. After a painfully long licensing issue, she made the most of the situation and provided excellent patient care to a seriously understaffed hospital when other new-to-traveling dietitians may have given up and gone back to more traditional roles. Her onsite supervisor has constantly raved about having her. Danielle has since agreed to extend her time there and is looking forward to taking on more travel jobs! Watching her make the transition to becoming a travel dietitian has been a pleasure for our corporate team.

Client’s Pick: Sarah Rondinone, MS, RDN, CDN, CLC

Sarah has not only worked on our corporate team but also as a consultant dietitian for us for several years. In one assignment, she has been working with a new virtual counseling program to help our client iron out the kinks to create the best experience for their patients. She has been with another one of our clients for over two years, taking on their new Wounded Warrior account, serving veterans. Having served in the Army herself, Sarah understands the needs of this population and has received outstanding feedback from her patients. She has gone above and beyond for this population, creating custom materials and videos for the program, and it shows in the feedback we regularly receive from both the client and her patients. They love her so much they funded her to obtain state licensure in about half of the United States!

Most Special Specialist: Kim Meeuwsen, RDN, CSOWM


Kim is one of our content-creating Subject Matter Experts. She has the greatest eye for detail. If there is a period out of place in a webinar, Kim will catch it. She is extremely easy to work with, always has a positive attitude, and jumps in to help wherever she’s needed. Kim is keeper, that’s for sure!

To these ten dietitians and to all others who have listed Dietitians On Demand as their employer in 2023, with all our hearts, we thank you for choosing to work for Dietitians On Demand.

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